You may love your employees,
but do they really know it?

With Kudough, they’ll know.

Behind every successful business you’ll find employees who believe in the company, who take pride in their roles and who strive to make a difference every day. How do you build a workforce like that? With Kudough.

Kudough’s easy-to-use web-based employee rewards platform gives you the power to boost employee motivation and engagement throughout your organization, and for less money than a stack of conference-room pizzas. Dish out some employee recognition when a worker takes the initiative. Schedule employee rewards to hit when your team meets or exceeds benchmarks. Kudough makes it easy to say “thank you” for a job well done.

Boost employee morale, increase employee longevity and retention with Kudough.

Simple Tools

Kudough makes employee recognition straightforward and effective. You can access our cloud-based application from anywhere, and rewards are as easy to send as they are to use. It’s simple to migrate an existing rewards system over to the Kudough platform, even an unstructured one that’s been cobbled together over time. We offer a range of customizable features, too. You can set budgets, create groups and let employees nominate one another. You can even set up unique employee incentives (like paid time off). And Kudough provides all the reporting tools needed to reconcile your account.
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